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At Dream Vision Group, we are committed to helping teachers match their students with the right tools for their situation. We showcase products that facilitate teacher/student communication and help students thrive in the remote learning environment. Please browse this seasons featured products. See below to request a demonstration unit.

Choose from one of the featured products below:

The Polaris


Streamline teacher/student communication through real-time file-sharing for both assigning and submitting math, science, and literary homework. The Polaris provides seamless support for braille, audio, and screen-sharing on the popular Zoom platform.

Just released back-to-school firmware optimizes Google Drive and Google Classroom.

The Actilino

by HandyTech

Remote monitoring of student reading progress against IEP goals. Track progress and identify problem areas. 

The Actilino uses active braille cell technology to record and export student reading log data. Active Tactile Control, ATC, smooth continuous reading, Braille that follows your fingers.

The Taptilo

by OHFA Tech

K-3 students learn math and literary braille independently, from home, while parents and teachers monitor progress and provide custom word lists from another room, or another city.

Make the most of remote braille learning with Taptilo's

app-enabled content, and self-paced, interactive games.

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